Tuesday, May 20, 2014


 Jake Stauros, Pastor of Calvary Fellowship, “A church full of misfits,” one visitor grunted on his way out the door.”

Mary Margaret Delaney, or ‘Mad Mary’ as the neighborhood refers to her, is in a deep state of depression, almost maddening. In addition to depression, she is a cutter. Mary was married and had a daughter, but they are no longer in her life.

Jake and Mary meet one day when Mary literally runs into him on the sidewalk, after stealing a toy for her cat from the toy store. Jake gives Mary his card and invites her to church. In her state of mind, she is afraid of Jake, yet she decides to attend one of the church services for a brief moment then disappears.

While on his way home from the church one evening, Jake sees Mary in the park and she is bleeding. He calls 911 and she is transported to hospital. Mary does not like hospitals, and her hysterics cause her to be admitted to the psychiatric ward. Taking interest in Mary’s well-being, Jake visits her daily until she is released from the hospital.

Mary and Jake’s story is similar to that of Mary and Jesus’ story, but in a modern way. Mary who is shunned by the neighborhood, in which she lives, becomes the concern and care of Jake. With Jake’s help and additional assistance from church members, Mary is on the road to recovery.

I enjoyed this novel depriving oneself to a fruitful and prosperous life because of self-condemnation. Ms. Higgs has written a novella showing how compassion and love can bring a person back to life. I recommend this book for everyone who likes to read about encouragement and support efforts. 

Blogging for Books provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

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