Thursday, May 1, 2014


Drew Stevens lives with the people by which she is employed, her parents. She is also sleeping with her client, David. When she leaves David’s apartment to go home, approaching the house police is everywhere. Drew’s parents have been murdered, and only their dog, Bella, is alive.

A few months after the death of her parents, Drew receives a letter stating she has been gifted the Coswell Estate in Maine, belonging to her grandparents. She thinks this is a mistake because both grandparents passed away when she was a little girl. Living in Florida, Drew travels to Maine.

Mr. Adams, the estate lawyer, and Drew arrange to meet. He informs her that the remaining estate, after the house, goes to the only other heir, a daughter named Shirley. Drew is understandably in shock, and does not know why her mother lied about her parents being dead. In addition, her mother never mentioned any siblings. Drew tells Mr. Adams she will sell the house and wants to contact her Aunt Shirley.

While visiting the gifted house, Drew meets Justin Drake, better known as ‘Saint’. She likes the man standing in front of her, but knows looks are not everything.  As she holds a conversation with him, he unknowingly gives her information about her mother, aunt, and grandparents. There are secrets that have been kept from Drew about her parents and reasons for the estrangement from her grandparents.

Drew has trouble deciding whether to stay in Maine and pursue a new life, or go home to Florida where the memories of her parent’s deaths are devastating.  

Marni Mann’s novel is emotional and contains mystery. I enjoyed the relationship between Drew and Saint, as it was not a typical ‘girl and boy meet, everything is roses’ love story. Drew and Saint are both stubborn, and have personality traits to work out. It has a great story line and is an easy read. I recommend this novel to romance genre readers.

I received this book free from Booktrope Publishing through the CLP Blog Tours Review Program for an honest and unbiased review.

Marni Mann will be a Special Guest on 'I LOVE BOOKS'
May 24, 2014 - 3:00 pm (pdt)

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