Wednesday, May 21, 2014

THE BREAKUP DOCTOR by Phoebe Fox (The Breakup Doctor Series) Volume 1

Brook is not only losing her office space, but the building it is situated in is scheduled for demolition. With this new development, Brook’s clients begin to wan when she cannot locate a suitable office to set up shop. Brook’s mother and boyfriend, Kendall, remind her constantly that she is not a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist but a counselor.

Sasha, her best friend, arranges a meeting with her boss Lisa, editor of the Tropic Times. At the first meeting, Lisa is visually upset because her husband wants a divorce and has left her without warning. Brook thinks she should leave and come back later, but Sasha informs Lisa that Brook is a therapist and she can help. Afterward, Brook begins a session with Lisa on the spot. As Brook shells out advice regarding relationship behavior after a breakup, Lisa hires Brook giving her a column in the newspaper with a deadline by Friday. Brook struggles with writing the article and creating a catch-phrase title. Since she is known to help a person heal after a break-up, the Break Up Doctor is born.

With the onslaught of clients, Brook has become successful writing her advice column. Her boyfriend, Kendall, has asked Brook to move in with him, but she has reservations because they have known each for only a short period. While Brook services her clients with the rules of behavior after a break-up, her own relationship crumbles. She breaks every rule with diligent bad behavior. Brook now thinks she is not qualified to continue giving advice since she cannot follow her own rules.

Phoebe Fox’s novel of a relationship expert giving behavior advice after a break-up is refreshing and entertaining. The situations and problems of Brook’s client cover everything from A to Z. The novel has plenty of descriptive narration, which could have been replaced with more dialogue.

Overall, it was an easy ready that midway slowed down in action, but still very enjoyable. I recommend this novel to anyone who has been through a relationship break-up on any level. The advice given in this book may well be used in real life situations. 

I received this book free from Henery Press through the Net Galley Review Program for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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