Thursday, October 30, 2014


Laura Woodfield is very involved along with her mother in the selling of the brickyard that her father owned before his death. The sales contract of the Woodfields and prospective buyers the McKays has hit a snag involving the price paid and the Woodfield Mansion thought to be included in the sale of the brickyard causing tension between both families. The misunderstanding clears and Mrs. Woodfield offers her husband’s connections and workers for the business resulting in the McKay’s nephew, Ewan, travelling with Laura and her mother to meet prospective clients with Ewan and Laura forming an unlikely alliance and friendship.

The Brickmaker’s Bride is set in an historical era with all the trimmings of social correctness and Christian beliefs. The story line is not bad but I had a hard time getting into the feel of book and its characters with its slow start causing me to put the novel down and pick it up again several times. Nonetheless, this novel is definitely for historical romance and Christian themed readers who will enjoy its plot and romantic subject matter.

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