Friday, October 17, 2014

THE WOMAN CODE by Sophia A. Nelson

If you are looking for motivation on how to build your confidence, build your “front row,” and learn what your value is this may be the book you are looking for to start you on that journey.

The Woman Code has twenty codes that shares information to prompt thought provoking questions regarding how to live a more fulfilled life with a code created for women only. A few topics include Knowing Your Value, Peace with Your Past, and Separating from Frenemies. Another topic, Know Your Front Row, discusses who is in your inner circle that gives sound advice, celebrates you, how to spot frenemies, and how to remove wrong people from your front row. Each code chapter ends with Living the Code Points or Questions and Key Words related to that code to instill and emphasize what you have read. Additionally, the book contains The Spiritual Codes that covers gossip, apologizing, choosing your words wisely, and The Professional Codes covering leadership and the workplace.

The Woman Code is for women who have not yet reached that position in their lives where they are not questioning self-worth, have not let go of the past, have not quite let go of frenemies and surrounded themselves with positive women who encourage and uplift one another instead of criticize. Knowing my value and worth, letting go of the past and frenemies, I did it all by reading God’s Word, prayer, and with the support of my “front row” (inner circle) which consists of four women. The Woman Code did not quite live up to the hype “Powerful Keys to Unlock Your Life” because I regard these pointers as living and learning every day you wake up and face the world with the Lord by your side.

Concurrently or after reading The Woman Code, use your bible with a good concordance to learn and know what His Word says regarding each section and topic for further understanding. This book is recommended for women who have not reached the next peaceful plateau in life of self-assuredness and confident faith.

I received this book free from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

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