Tuesday, December 9, 2014

MERRY AND BRIGHT Six Tales of Christmas Cheer by Lauren Clark, Cindy Arora, Nancy Scrofano, Isabella Louise Anderson, Libby Mercer, Laura Chapman

A Very Dixie Christmas
by Lauren Clark

'The Christmas that wasn’t' is how single mom P.D. thinks when her eight-year-old daughter Ella Rae is abruptly told by schoolmate Arthur that Santa Claus is not real. P.D. hatches a plan to prove Arthur wrong with the help of her boyfriend Billy but things awry when P.D. catches Billy in the act of cheating with Christmas three days away causing P.D. to come up with Plan B quickly before it is too late.

Lauren Clark has written a novella about believing in the magic of Christmastime whether you are young or old. It is sweet and entertaining for the young-at-heart and those who love the goodness that come from the hearts of all who believe in Santa.

Christmas at Mulberry Inn 
by Cindy Arora

Saffron Smith will be spending Christmas at Mulberry Inn owned by soon-to-be ex-sister-in-law and best friend Taylor Swift as they prepare for the annual pie-bake-a-thon. Just as everything is going smoothly, Saffron’s ex-husband Patrick arrives with his girlfriend Delta so he can introduce her to his sister Taylor causing Saffron to plan a quick getaway. Taylor has other ideas to make Saffron stay and show Patrick that she has moved on.
Cindy Arora has penned a cute story of moving forward after divorce, making new friends, and learning to open your heart to love again.

Ice Dating 
by Nancy Scrofano

Quinn, Dani, and Britt are on ice skates at an ice skate speed-dating event determined to find dates before Christmas. Speed Ice Dating does not quite pan out for the girls and Quinn goes into hiding at the ice rink ice cream stand when Dani find hers. The man behind the counters helps Quinn convince Dani that his Quinn’s date from the speed dating and is only helping at the counter for his father who owns the rink. For Quinn, nothing matters because she misses her ex-boyfriend and fiancé Aaron.

Nancy Scrofano shares a tale of women and men relationships using ice skates for speed dating to find companions. This is an interesting plot with the ice dating as a theme for finding love to be enjoyed in the spirit of Christmas.

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe 
by Isabella Louise Anderson

Lexi Davenport is on her way to a cabin in Halletsville, Texas for a writing retreat to complete her manuscript that is due by December 31st. After arriving at her destination, she receives an email moving the deadline to December 27th and if that is not enough on her plate the owner Sterling Bradenton arrives unexpectedly. Thinking of the break-up with her boyfriend, Lexi wonders if she will have an opportunity to love again.

Isabella Louise Anderson brings an instant romance in true chick lit form with a handsome widower and a novelist both looking for the chance to love again.

Secret Santa 
by Libby Mercer

Abbie MacQueen is celebrating at the office Christmas party complete with Secret Santa gifts when she receives her Christmas gift of a treasure hunt where “your Christmas dreams will come true” but the only problem is Abbie does not have any Christmas dreams or so she thinks.

Libby Mercer creates a nice and original story line with a treasure hunt as a Secret Santa gift that is sure to please the avid reader. The problem I had with the novella was the cursing in the beginning and again near the end which seemed to be out of place. Nonetheless, this is a good story with plenty of Christmas Cheer.

Twelve Drummers Drumming 
by Laura Chapman

Autumn and Tuck are headed to Westminster, Colorado for Christmas with their families while staying at a home built into the side of a mountain with a breathtaking view. This is a much deserved vacation for Tuck who is a band drummer and Autumn because of Tuck’s band schedule that rarely allows them time alone together. This will be a special Christmas for Autumn and Tuck that neither knows about the special gifts they will share with each other.

Laura Chapman’s romantic Christmas story is full of love, family, and friends that may bring a tear to your eye (Not that it happened to me, I am just saying…wink, wink).

Merry & Bright has six great Christmas tales that will surely delight any faithful chick lit genre reader on a cozy afternoon or evening with a cup of joe or glass of wine. This collection would definitely be appreciated as a gift to a fellow avid reader for Christmas or anytime which I am highly recommending.

I received this book free from CLP Blog Tours in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.


Samantha March said...

I really enjoyed this one!

Laura Chapman said...

So glad to maybe (or maybe not) bring a tear to your eye. ;) Thank you for reviewing our book. Merry Christmas!