Friday, December 19, 2014

TAGGED for DEATH by Sherry Harris

Sarah is the ex-wife of now retired military Colonel C.J. Hooker who is Chief of Police of a small town named Ellington. Sarah loves a good garage sale and when asked will organize any garage for a small fee. While Sarah packs up the garage to give unwanted items to charity, she finds a bag belonging to C.J. with a shirt that is bloody and hope C.J. has not harmed his missing friend Jessica. When Jessica turns up dead C.J. is the prime suspect and with evidence mounting against him Sarah investigates every leaf and rock not turned over. Sarah finds data that may clear C.J. but cannot convince the investigators in charge to listen, as they are dependent upon the circumstantial evidence already in hand. In the meantime, someone is following Sarah because of her interference in the case and has plans to make her stop. Sarah is quite the amateur sleuth standing up for her ex-husband when it seems no one else will do the same.

Tagged for Death is a crime-drama with mystery and suspense with a touch of military setting that will have you wondering ‘who-dun nit’ until the end. Sherry Harris is a good crime drama novelist and who has me looking forward to her next crime novel and recommending to crime-drama, mystery-suspense, and crime sleuths alike for an easy and enjoyable read.

I received this book free from Kensington Books through the Net Galley reviewer program in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines. 

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