Monday, April 7, 2014


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Cyrus Mills has given up everything to save his father’s veterinary practice, Bedside Manor, after his father dies. But, Health Paws and its owner Guy Dorkin want to put Bedside Manor out of business. Cyrus and his co-worker Dr. Lewis are willing to fight to the end to keep Bedside Manor going.

Dr. Lewis refers a client, Garvey Ranch, to Cyrus. Cyrus examines the sickly cow and notices the owner’s son is also ill. If what he thinks is a sure thing, the Garvey Ranch will have to destroy all the animals.

Cyrus also has his eye on Amy. But she hasn’t paid any attention to him since their first date.  Meanwhile, a client’s son and his friend set Cyrus up on a blind date. They create a false identity on an online dating service without him knowing. Cyrus is introduced to the blind date, Dr. Mills, from his nemesis pet clinic. Now, Cyrus has a problem in his love life.

Through a little snooping, Dr. Lewis finds incriminating evidence against Guy Dorkin. Maybe, this is the boost that he and Cyrus need to keep Bedside Manor from losing any customers.

Cyrus has so many puzzles that need the missing pieces to complete.

Nick Trout’s novel with a veterinarian theme is quite different for me. Even though, I do not normally read about veterinarians, animals and their ailments, this was a pretty good book. The main characters Cyrus, Amy and Dr. Mills are likeable. But, the storyline with Cyrus and Amy as love interests, I could not feel the magic. Overall, this novel is a good easy read. I recommend this book to lovers of pets and quirky love stories.

I received this book free from Hyperion/Hachette Publishing for an unbiased review.

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