Sunday, April 13, 2014


A little turbulence turns four lives upside. Four friends are determined to resolve a different personal dilemma that has arisen in their lives. Lauren, Bethanne, Elisa, and Lydia have no idea their problem will be partially solved, by reaching out amongst themselves.

Lauren is single and has been dating Todd for three years. His promise of marriage keeps her holding on, until her younger married sister becomes pregnant. Lauren calls it quits with Todd, whom refuses to give her up. Lauren meets Max’s best friend, Rooster. After dating for almost three months, they marry. Lauren finds information on Rooster that leads to a separation right before the honeymoon.

Bethanne is married to Max. She has two children Andrew and Annie, by her ex-husband, Grant. He is trying to get her back in his life by any means necessary, including using their daughter for bait.

Elisa has her hands full with her college age daughter, Katie. She is expecting a child with her college boyfriend. This sends Elisa into a total frenzy causing her daughter impulsively to elope.

Lydia and her husband, Brad, have two children, their son Cody and Casey, their adopted daughter. Casey has been in and out of numerous family homes from an early age. Lately, Casey has been having terrible nightmares that are becoming increasingly worse, and does not want to talk about it.

Lauren, Bethanne, Elisa, and Lydia have situations that need solutions. Deciding how to approach the problem is the main issue each face.

Debbie Macomber’s novel of four women and their dilemmas is very entertaining and is an easy read. The story line has issues dealt with in a real world, causing readers to identify with the character’s situations. I recommend this book to readers who love everyday life and story lines without fantasy.

I received this book free from Random House-Ballantine Publishing through the Net Galley Review Program for a honest unbiased review.

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