Monday, April 7, 2014

GUILTLESS LIVING by Ginger Hubbard

After reading the Introduction and first paragraph from the first chapter, I put it down. Ms. Hubbard immediately states why she wrote the book and leaves nothing to second guessing. At this point, you will either continue reading to the end, or put the book down and never go back to it. I chose to continue reading.

Ginger Hubbard discusses being a fault-finding destroyer, a controller, and miser amongst other things. Each everyday sin she has committed is shared with the reader. In addition, there are references from the Bible in which Jesus Christ gives encouraging words on how to handle certain situations.

You can appreciate her candor in expressing sins she struggles with on a daily basis. Even though Ms. Hubbard gives references to Bible quotes, she does not preach as you might find in other books of this nature. I was able to see myself being proud and a fault finder in many situations. It definitely gave me something to think about. The end of the book includes a Bible Study Guide for each chapter. I found this book to be worth the read without the preachy sermon. I recommend this book to all who wish a better understanding of what everyday sinning entails.

I received this book free from Shepard Press through the Cross-Focused Review Program.

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