Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Rachel Troyer a police officer tries to convince her aunts Bertha, Lydia and Anna to stop taking in guests at their inn, Sugar Haus.  She feels they need to retire since they have gotten older, and cannot handle the upkeep any longer.

Joe Matthews has left Los Angeles with his son Bobby, because he wants to escape the media sensation surrounding the murder of his wife Grace, who was an actor. He wants to find a quiet place for him and his son to live in peace. Joe did not plan to stop in Sugarcreek, Ohio, but had no choice since his truck broke down and needed repair. He ends up staying at the Sugar Haus Inn for a few days and is not that impressed with the Amish way of life.

Being a cop, Rachel immediately becomes suspicious of Joe, thinking he has something to hide or is hiding from someone. One thing that sends a red flag is Joe looks disheveled with his long hair and unshaven beard. She decides it is a good idea to stay at the inn with her aunts to keep an eye on Joe until he leaves. Rachel runs an identification check on Joe and finds no information. With the help of an assistant in the office, she finds Joe’s true identity. He and Bobby have been missing for months and their location is exposed, forcing Joe to run away again.

After receiving a threatening call to leave Joe alone, Rachel must now decide whether to help Joe run or convince him to stay in Sugarcreek and face the media. The questions in her mind are did Joe kill his wife? Should I help him to escape?

Serena B. Miller’s novel is a story of love, loss, and grievance. It moves from a father's love for his son to a murder mystery. The pace is steady and an easy read. The characters are likeable and the story line is serious, yet humorous in parts. The chapters describing Joe’s experience working in the Amish community could have been condensed through editing. Overall, it was an enjoyable read. I recommend to romance and mystery novel lovers.

I received this book free from Summerside Press through the Litfuse Reviewer Program for an honest and unbiased review.

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