Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SHARDS by Allison Moore with Nancy Woodruff

At age fifteen, Allison tried to commit suicide. She shares the outer forces which led up to the day she drove off a cliff in Tijiras Canyon.

After becoming an officer, Allison became involved with a married fellow officer, Keawe. Ten months into the affair, Allison becomes pregnant. She and Keawe decide to terminate the pregnancy. Keawe never knew it was twins she was carrying. Allison become depressed about her situation with Keawe.

Allison is promoted to the Narcotics Department. During one of her busts, out of curiosity, keeps a small amount of meth seized. She tries meth for the first time and had the urge to clean her apartment. She did not sleep, went to work, had not eaten in three days, and was not tired. 

Her addiction becomes worse and her co-workers are concerned. Her boss jokingly says to her one day, that she looked sick as if she were dying. Allison took this opportunity to make this lie a truth and answered, “yes.” She told him that she was dying from cancer to cover up her appearance. This gave her an out for receiving sick leave for doctor appointments. But Allison not realizing her boss had spoken to anyone, her fellow officers donated sick leave to her. The lies became bigger and she eventually wound up living with a drug dealer. And that was not the end of her troubles.

Allison gives an in-the-face account of her training as a Maui Police Officer. She shares her promotion to the Narcotics Division, gives a straight forward account of her addiction, rehab, and a grueling account of abuse at the hands of the drug dealer. Allison’s book regarding her journey from police officer to drug addict and back is well worth the read. I recommend this book to non-fiction readers. It will very well hold your interest until the end. It definitely held mine. (Publication Date: April 22, 2014)

I received this book free from Touchstone Publishing through the Net Galley Reviewer Program, for an unbiased review.

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