Saturday, September 6, 2014

Blood & Roses Episode 2 Cover a

Book Title: Persefonee, Episode 1.2

Book Series: Blood & Roses: A Sci-Fi Adventure

Author: Rhys Christopher Ethan 


Yv has escaped the deadly planet she was held at, but not without her scars. Zïn and Temia introduce her to a world of rebellion and a brand new version of her personal history she knew nothing of.
When Yv continues to count her losses, innocence turns to maturity and weakness into strength. Yv takes life-changing decisions, but will they turn her life better or make it even worse?

The second installment in this adventure serial by Rhys Ethan is here and promises to take you on an action-packed journey through the psyche of a simple girl looking for home.

+17 contains adult language, graphic violence and sexual content

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Rhys Christopher Ethan is by no means a scientist, but he is an architect of his own fantasy worlds; an illustrator of emotional and multi-dimensional characters; a doctor of creativity and inspiration and a chemist of genres; mixing two or more, to find the perfect fit for his creations. He lives in a small, dusty lab he calls Home in London and works hard to bring his experiments out into the world. His companions (for now) are his pet-Laptop and his coffee-Booster and a bunch of notes, digitized and paper-wise.

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