Sunday, September 7, 2014

FOREVER AN EX by Victoria Christopher Murray (Repost includes video)

Sheridan Goodman, Kendall Stewart, and Asia Ingram are being reunited seven years later to give each other encouragement in facing tribulations with their exes returning to cause havoc in their lives once again.

Asia Ingram is having problems with Bobby back in her life trying to convince her to let their daughter Angel move to New York to attend the School of the Performing Arts. The situation becomes ultimately out of control when Asia and Bobby, a married basketball player married to Caroline, decide to reignite their love affair. Caroline warns Asia to leave her husband alone or suffer the consequences that come with it, but Asia chooses to ignore the threat causing devastating embarrassment to her daughter Angel. Is Asia capable of repairing the relationship with her daughter Angel or will she loose her forever?

Sheridan Goodman loves the fact her children are adults, Christopher living on his own and Tori living on campus at Hampton University, leaving her and husband Brock an empty house to do as they wish. When Sheridan receives a call from Harmony, the fiancĂ© of her ex-husband Quentin who left Sheridan for a pro golfer named Jeff, Brock advises Sheridan not to meet with Harmony because of the ethical issues involved. Going against Brock’s advice, Sheridan secretly meets with Harmony to answer questions regarding Quentin’s past fidelity. Sheridan informs Harmony that she believes Quentin loves her and will be faithful in their marriage. Later in the week, Sheridan observes Quentin and Jeff together at a romantic restaurant and struggles with the moral issues of informing Harmony of the encounter.

Kendall Stewart has moved back to Malibu with the help of her ex-husband Anthony’s real estate agent brother D’Angelo Stewart into a beachside cottage. Kendall gave Anthony the Malibu home they owned in the divorce settlement because that was the house she found Anthony and her sister Sabrina together in bed when coming home early unannounced and has never forgiven either of them since that time. Anthony and Sabrina have a newborn daughter and try to mend their broken relationships with Kendall until Sabrina becomes critically ill. Meanwhile, D’Angelo becomes increasingly attracted to Kendall who treads lightly because he is her ex-husband Anthony’s brother. With her sister Sabrina being ill and D’Angelo’s forward advances, Kendall must decide whether to resolve the differences with Sabrina and determine what her true feelings are concerning D’Angelo.

Kendall, Asia, and Sheridan come together in prayer at the drop of a hat to gain the courage and strength needed to cope with temptations, trials, and tribulations resulting from their ex’s new situations. These women prove there is nothing too difficult when going to God with sincere fervent prayer and a clean loving heart.

This follow-up to The Ex-Files by Victoria Christopher Murray immediately pulled me in so deeply emotionally by the end of Chapter 39, I was shedding tears; no, I was crying a deep river; no, I was boo-hooing a river of tears to the end of this drama-filled novel. How does one learn to write so eloquently like this? This excellent novel is a comfortable read with a splendid story line that is not easy to put down and take a break. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys drama, romance, Christian fiction, and tearjerkers wrapped up in one novel. In addition, I recommend reading The Ex-Files for a complete understanding of previous events pertaining to the main characters Asia, Sheridan, Kendall, and Vanessa. It is definitely worth the read with the many lessons taught and learned throughout the story line.

I received this book free from the Net Galley Reviewer Program for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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