Sunday, September 28, 2014

GIADA WEEKLY, A Digital Magazine

Giada, the famous chef who also has a television show, adds to her chef hat a weekly digital magazine for the chef in you. Giada gives easy access to many delicious recipes to add to any breakfast lineup, lunch menu, fabulous dinner gathering, or just prepare on a whim. You will appreciate how the Cook Mode section divides each step of the recipe to its own ingredients and directions so as not to confuse or clutter with other steps in the recipe.

The titles for each of the recipes are Intro, Ingredients, Directions, and Cook Mode that give needed information with its easy to follow directions. Intro includes the title of the recipe, a clear photograph of the finished product, and a description that entices you to preparation of the item. The Ingredients section is a list of ingredients used in the recipe for market purchasing. Directions is a regular setup for recipe instructions and Cook Mode has a separate page for each step of the recipe with its ingredients omitting confusion or possible mishaps during preparation.

I recommend to amateur chefs and anyone who loves the joy of cooking and looking for fresh and innovative recipes to prepare for family and friends. I have included a few recipe photographs from the digital magazine and one of the free recipes I will prepare, as I love finger foods and small bite appetizers. Click on the highlighted link and Enjoy!

Chicken Marsala Meatballs                                                  Breakfast Scramble

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