Monday, September 22, 2014


Love in a Hopeless Place is a collection of three short stories and two novellas each with its own quirky uniqueness and moral plot. Following is a short synopsis from reading this distinctive collection.

Sub-Prime – Mike is recently unemployed as a truck driver going on two months during Christmas time with no way of paying the mortgage eventually accepting employment through an agency working on a farm killing live turkeys who befriends a co-worker while learning what friendship means.

Escape to Love – Maria is frantic that her daughter Lucy is not home from school at dark and worries when receiving news there are two escaped prisoners on the loose in the immediate area. Lucy returns home bringing a man who saved Lucy from drowning after she slipped and fell into the river.

The Chosen – J.A. lives by the words of a millionaire author whose book he stole from a bookstore. When J.A. is commissioned to paint an office building, he is optimistic of capturing a contract with the company for all of its facilities. An obstacle thrown in J.A.’s path sends him to the pages of his treasured book for a solution resulting in bad choices.

Angela – Joe arrives at the airport to transport a customer to their destination in his limousine and begins light conversation that turns into deep thought after years of the conversation first taking place.

Love in a Hopeless Place – Lyn is a forty-two year old married woman who has a night out with co-workers and experiences new feelings about herself prompting prominent changes in her uneventful life.

This collection has stories and plots that provoke questions and thoughts for debate and good conversation well after reading and recommended to readers of drama, crime, and family relationships genres.

I received this book free from Masquerade Tours in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

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