Wednesday, September 3, 2014

PRETTYBOY THUGS by Raheim Brooks

Don Juan is finally free from spending another night in a correctional facility after spending six long years because of a woman named Sherry who happens to be his daughter Trinity’s mother. Sherry’s reasoning for this vengeful deed is Don Juan’s unfaithfulness with another woman while supposedly in a committed relationship with her. His friend and partner in crime Lex is there at the gate to greet him in a limousine full of women for Don Juan to use at his disposal.

Lex opens Don Juan’s eyes to a whole new world of white collar crime in identity theft with Don Juan is having trouble adapting to this new life of a white crime criminal but learning the trade quickly makes an attempt to re-establish his relationship with his six year old daughter Trinity.

Don Juan gets underway placing into motion his scheme for revenge to catch the person who put him behind bars with the assistance of his friend Lex and afterward assistance from Don Juan’s mother that ends in a cliffhanging conclusion.

Prettyboy Thugs is a story of revenge stemming from unfaithfulness and a six-year stint of incarceration. The novel has a well-written storyline with a few spelling and grammatical errors and even though is tricky to follow at times, overall it was a nice and enjoyable read and I recommend to crime drama and suspense book lovers to definitely add to their list of novels to read for the fall season.

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