Thursday, September 18, 2014

SPREE by Michael Morley

"I pity you Jake. 
Cross fire between Angie and Danielle could be worse than anything you faced in Afghanistan or Yemen." 
-FBI Chief Crawford Dixon

Psychological profiler Dr. Angie Holmes believes the man she is dating, FBI Special Agent Jake Mottram, should retire or at least take a desk job so she can stop worrying about his safety is the number one of two things on her mind. The second thing is something she has not breathed a word to anyone. Angie is working on a serial rapist case while Jake works a sniper case shooting involving schoolchildren on a field trip to Strawberry Fields farm in Moorpark, California.

Angie decides to tell Jake her little secret of pregnancy over dinner at a fancy French restaurant and all did not go well as expected with Jake returning to his apartment reminiscing each year they have been together and the situations each lived through as a child. Jake was an orphan with no parents in sight and not wanting a child to be dependent upon him while Angie’s father molested her, as her mother took no action. Jake believes with both their backgrounds being what it is that there is no chance of attempting to raise a child of their own.

Angie closes her current case and goes against command warning not to interfere with Jake’s current case regarding a spree killer who Angie believes is a serial killer causing friction with the team’s assigned profiler Danielle. As Angie digs deeper into the case the team and Danielle realize Angie’s profile assessment is right on point and take to the streets of Los Angeles to locate the UNSUB with a vengeance.

Michael Morley gives insight into the mind of a purposed serial killer and the inner workings of a FBI SKU (spree killer unit) team determined to capture the offender. The writing style is straightforward and keeps the reader engaged turning pages to see the next turn of events. The novel has an enjoyable story line and is a thrilling suspense crime drama with plenty twists and turns to delight fans of crime drama, suspense, thrillers, and police procedures.

I received this book free from Grand Central Publishing through the Net Galley reviewer program in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

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