Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Mission by C.C. Solomon

“Why does being alone have to sound so bad?” 

“We get so attached when we have sex with men. It’s like giving away a piece of your soul, and you just get hooked. And if the guy is a butthole, well, it’s like giving your soul to the devil. And then you’re in hell.” 

Final Rule #21: Most important of all is to listen to yourself. You know what feels right for you.” – Finding Your Mr. Right Online Guide

Sheila works for Washington and Morrison law firm as an Entertainment Lawyer whose annual Entertainment and Sports Conference is coming up in June and Sheila’s nemesis Jamie has put Sheila in the spotlight about having a date for the event. Sheila’s little untruth regarding the date she has for that evening being a music producer who is a vice-president promising he will be in attendance at the banquet digs an enormous major hole for herself with her co-worker and friend Greg backing Sheila’s story to help from being embarrassed.

In order to find a date to pose as the fictitious ‘James’ the music producer, Sheila joins Denise her best friend who needs a date for an upcoming wedding which she is a bridesmaid begin their adventure re-entering the world of dating with a “printed online guide on finding your Mr. Perfect.

C.C. Solomon gives reason to think in this novel of relationship drama when the world is looking at why you are alone at an event with no date. The subject matter is approached with humor, wit, and sound advice that will keep you wanting to know what is going to happen next. I recommend this novel to book lovers who read chick lit, romance, relationship drama, and family relationships. This book is worthy to place on your novel list for a lazy weekend fast and enjoyable read.

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