Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Season Without Rain by Joe Schwartz, GMTA Publishing

Jacob Miller is angry at the whole word including everyone and everything in it. He thinks about his boss, “The ball-buster had done nothing to make his life easy so why should he have everything Jacob had ever wanted?” Jacob decides to quit his job on the paper route and heads to the bank and cash a check. “The banker, a young woman in her thirties whom he found smug and disingenuous, had never liked him. In no time at all he had learned to hate her back.”

Jacob goes home, “I’m pregnant,” Barbie said….Now he was going to be a father. Jesus Christ, how he wished he were dead.” It does not just stop there, “I think there’s a mistake with my Federal….The amount is ten times [than] normal…” He owes the IRS $29,000.00 and they are not letting up. He tries to get help, “Mr. Miller this is Marilyn from Tax Specialists…I regret to inform you that the IRS has declined your application.” Jacob cannot seem to pull himself together to deal with the pressure.

Jacob finds a part-time job working at Switzer Park as a seasonal employee. Immediately, he does not get along with one of the workers named Sam. As time goes on, he learns “…she was a woman too, with a heart as broken and mangled as anyone else.” Later, he has a onetime affair with a community worker and his wife finds out. “I need to stay with you tonight,” Jacob said. “Barbie kicked me out.”

He talks to Gabriel, a friend at work, about his mounting problems and worries. “That’s life kid,” Gabriel said. “It sucks for awhile, then it goes all right again like nothing bad ever happened. Get used to it.” Something starts to stir within Jacob and he begins to pray that his situation will turn around.

Joe Schwartz has penned a novel about everyday life. You sympathize and empathize with Jacob Miller.  No one has put it in writing the way Mr. Schwartz has. How many times have you had problems, worries or situations that you felt you could not handle it all? This book is necessary read for all. Learn how Jacob finally manages his dilemmas. Thank you Joe Schwartz, for your delightful insight.
I received this book free from GMTA Publishing for this review.

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