Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pretty Girls in the VIP by Daaimah S. Poole

This novel is about three women whose lives entwine through association. Each of these women have a personal issue which affects the other in one way or another.

Adrienne Sheppard, “I figured if I was going to get cheated on, used up, and lied to, I might as well be able to go shopping afterward to compensate for my pain….My daughter’s father, DeCarious Simmons, plays in the NFL. I wanted him to impregnate me so I could receive….guaranteed money….I did that….[he] had our marriage annulled after a few months.” She gives up the gold digging life and meets a different type of man, “My new man, Ian, is earthy and intelligent.” Ian is an independent filmmaker who eventually creates havoc in her life. Adrienne opens a ‘VIP only’ club and Ian’s actions threaten to ruin her.

Shanice Whitaker, “Me and Courtney tried being strippers, but that didn’t last because we kept seeing everyone from our neighborhood….Courtney and I are first cousins but were raised like sisters…” Shanice, and her cousin Courtney, have taken dangerous risks together that only she and her cousin know about. “Don’t try to act like this is my fault, Shanice…All I know is, you don’t have to act like you better…You not better than me or smarter than me.”After  Shanice gets her life together,  Courtney plots to bring her down.

Zakiya Lee, “Last year I lived three lifetimes. My sister attempted suicide, I moved to L.A. with my aunt….and met my ex, who just happened to be a rookie guard for the Oklahoma Thunder in the NBA….you have women of all ages and nationalities throwing themselves at you.” Zakiya reunites with her ex, Jabril, who cheats on her with Shanice. Zakiya doesn’t know her personally, but her friend Adrienne does.

These three women have been through difficult situations. They try to rectify the direction their lives have taken. Will their actions set everything right?

Ms. Poole has given the familiar topics of infidelity, jealousy and trust, a name and face in her fictional novel. The characters are average women who deal with these non-fiction common categories beautifully. Well done Ms. Poole! I recommend this novel to the women who enjoy a good read and can relate to the subject matter.

(I received this book for free from Kensington Publishing for this review)

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