Friday, February 21, 2014

At the Confessional and Other Calamities by Belangela Tarazona

Caridad has been chosen to escort her grandmother, Piedad, to Mass on Sundays. Her sister, Dolores, was granny’s escort but had to go out of town to stay with their grandmother, Mildred. In their family, this is considered an honor. “…here I was, presented with the offer that also meant a step up in the family hierarchy.” However, Caridad still thinks about her sister Dolores.
Granny Piedad reminds Caridad that she must confess all her sins to the Priest on Sundays. Caridad thinks she has no sins, so she tells lies in order to have something to confess. Her little tales gives her nemesis, Nazaret, more ammunition against her. Eva, Caridad’s best friend, gets involved. 
What will Caridad do? Will she confess the mess she has gotten herself into with the tall tales? What was the real reason Dolores had to leave? Caridad soon finds out.

Belangela Tarazona’s short story novel is a cute account in the everyday life of a Catholic teen. It is a humorous tale and Caridad is my favorite character. She is a very inquisitive and fun heroine. I do not speak Spanish; therefore, I could not interpret some of the short excerpts. I recommend this book for teens and lovers of short stories.
I received this book free from Story Cartel for this review

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