Sunday, February 9, 2014

Better Date than Never Series, Boxed Set Volume 1 by Suan Hatler, Hatco Inc.

Susan Hatler has compiled three short story novels into one into box. The books follow Ellen, Rachel, and Gina as they decide dating difficulties after previous long term relationships.

Book 1: Love at First Date

Ellen, Rachel, Gina, Craig (justUnME), Geoff (lookn4luv) and Henry are the main characters. Ellen thinks, “I just celebrated my thirtieth birthday…two failed marriages…which is why I recently signed up at Detailed Dating…popular online dating site.” She communicates via email with two prospects, justUnME and lookn4luv, and decides to go to the next step of arranging a meeting. Before the meetings are arranged, while babysitting her friend’s dog, Chester, he gets sick and she rushes him to the veterinarian hospital where she meets Henry. Now her dilemma is deciding which man to actually date.

Book 2: Truth or Dare

Gina and Chris are co-workers, neither knowing the other likes each other. Gina has lived with George for ten years and he does not want to get married. They break up and in a truth or dare game with Chris, Gina is challenged to a truth or ‘date’. The date is a cover for Chris who does not want to attend a dinner party alone. Since Gina never chooses truth, she is forced to go on a date with Chris against her better judgment. Problems arise when Gina is set up on a blind date and she has a date with Chris. What will she do?

Book 3: My Last Blind Date

“The only thing worse than having a blind date on Valentine’s Day is having no date at all….Rachel Price, was dateless.” Rachel had broken up with her boyfriend, Jeremy. Ellen, her friend, had set her up on numerous blind dates including Valentine’s Day. Rachel refuses to do another blind date and is finally convinced to go ahead with it. If only she had followed her intuition, she would be at home cleaning her refrigerator.

 Welcome to the world of mini-story land. Susan Hatler has written delightful, funny and humorous mini novels worth reading. Each book was no more than ninety or so pages. The mini novels deal with dating in the present. I can identify with some of the situations, but I will not tell because I refuse to incriminate myself. However, I do recommend these mini stories be read by both, women and men. I dare you to identify yourself, laugh out loud and smile as you read. Have fun reading!
I received these books for free from Hatco, Inc. for this review

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