Monday, February 24, 2014

Fortune & Fame by Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Touchstone

Ms. Murray and Ms. Billingsley brought characters together from previous novels, ‘Jasmine’ (Murray’s, A Sin and A Shame) and ‘Rachel’ (Billingsley’s, Let the Church Say Amen). When these two women come together there is to be trouble in the making.

It all starts when Melinda, Rachel’s friend, approaches her to star on a reality television show named First Lady. Rachel is shocked to find the true name of the show will actually be First Ladies. Then Jasmine appears, as well as Mary (Rachel’s nemesis) and Natasia (Jasmine’s nemesis).  Jasmine begins to think, “Yes, Jasmine should have definitely left Rachel rotting that Chicago jail. If she had, then she’d be the one with a reality show.” If she could only find a way take the spotlight away from Rachel and make Natasia go away for good.

Natasia has ulterior motives, “But now, Natasha wondered if Melinda knew any of the dirty details that were part of Natasia and Jasmine’s history….All she had to do was figure out the right way to make her presence known. And once she did, she’d see Hosea Bush again.”

Mary is forced into the reality series by her pastor husband, “The old Mary, the con artist always looking for a come-up….But the new and improved Mary….had renewed her relationship with God…” Without her knowledge, Nathan announces to the congregation, “That’s right folks, my wife will be starring with Rachel Jackson Adams. Several people applauded and Mary felt sick to her stomach.” What was she going to do now? What has Lester done?

Each of these First Ladies had their own personal reasons for being there, yet they had no idea that genuine reality would step in and nearly destroy their lives.

Ms. Murray and Ms. Billingsley have collaborated on an exceptional novel that is hard to put down. Joining the forces of Jasmine and Rachel was utterly genius making this novel explosive and entertaining. I highly recommend, if you are not familiar with the work of either novelist, Murray or Billingsley, now is the time to jump on board because they do not disappoint.

I received this book free from Touchstone for this review.

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