Saturday, February 15, 2014

Never Say Never by Victoria Christopher Murray, Touchstone

Miriam, Emily and Michellelee have been the best friends since their college days at USC. Miriam’s husband, Chauncey and Emily’s husband, Jamal are firefighters and have been best friends since childhood. While at lunch with her girls, Michellelee, an evening news anchor, gets a call to cover the fire at a local school. She informs them, “more than twenty children....and three firefighters were rushed to the hospital….”

Chauncey does not make it. His death has affected Miriam and Jamal the most. They share their thoughts, “He nodded slowly…I know this may sound a bit crazy—…but I can feel Chauncey. Like he’s still here.” Miriam responds, “Before he even finished talking…”that happened to me…I can hear him saying…We spoke together, “Everything’s going to be all right.”

The novel shifts back and forth from the present to the past. Miriam reminisces on how she met Chauncey for the first time and how the relationship developed. In between reminiscing, her relationship with Jamal grows stronger. Miriam’s mother-in-law invites her and the boys to live with her and Chauncey’s brother, Charlie. She accepts, but holds off moving right away.

Will Miriam decide to go forward with Jamal and a forbidden romance? Will she realize that it could destroy her best friend’s marriage and their relationship? What do you think will happen?

Victoria Christopher Murray has done it again. She has penned a moving story of ultimate grievance. This is her fourteenth novel and she does not disappoint. The ending will definitely surprise you, along with the author’s note. I recommend all persons who want to read a truly moving romance novel, read this and feel the love.

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