Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Son of a Preacherman by Marlene Banks, Moody Publishers

Man meets woman in the Greenwood District of Tulsa Oklahoma in 1920, “birthed from the strict segregationist policies in Oklahoma.”

Benjamina (Benny) is as stubborn as an old mule. She refuses to love again after Jordan Franks made promises he did not intend on keeping, causing Benny pain, humiliation and unflattering rumors in town.

William Ray Matthias (Billy Ray) is part of the new family that has just moved to Greenwood. His father is the new Pastor taking over the church from a retiring Pastor. He has left a long line of broken hearts in North Carolina, but to him Benny is different.

It has been a task convincing Benny to become his friend. They will finally be the friends Billy Ray was hoping for until Thelma shows up in town. Thelma threatens Billy Ray that she will ruin his reputation with her lies if he does not marry her.

Cord, Benny’s brother, with his blinding love for his wife Savannah, has allowed her to drive a wedge between him and his family. Savannah is always sarcastic with Benny.  Savannah’s selfishness and jealousy drives her to commit murder.

Meanwhile, something of a different nature is stirring between the whites and blacks in town. The men folk on each side have gathered forming ‘protective leagues’ concocting their own brands of righteous justice. Will Greenwood ever be the same again?

Marlene Banks had that special touch when penning this novel. It is set in the 1920’s in Oklahoma. It is not the ordinary novel that depicts heartbreaking racial violence, but one of two people in love, a true romance. Even though I did not like Benny’s character at first, I eventually warmed up to her. I recommend this novel to all romance aficionados who like a little history in their love stories.
I received this book free from Moody Publishers for this review.

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