Friday, February 28, 2014

The Beginning (Demon Drivers Trilogy) Book 1 by Ryan Schneider

It is Parker birthday and he is at the arcade instead of being at school. The arcade collapses and he is stuck under the rubble. After being rescued, he finds out that his mother did not make it after the attack on Earth. Parker’s dad is away on military duty and was to come home for his birthday. Instead, he visited by military personnel stating he father is missing in action. What a way to start your birthday.

Bubba and Sunny are Parker’s best friends. They it is decided they will not let anything separate them. Soon afterward, they go to a toy store promotion for the new ‘Go-Boy’ movie. They meet Go-Boy (Colby), and Parker gets to try on the Go-Boy suit. Two mysterious men kidnap Parker from the toy store. His friends, Bubba and Sunny, along with Colby decide to go after them and rescue Parker. The adventure they embark on is not exactly what they expected it to be. Will Parker, Bubba, Sunny, and Colby ever see home again?

I must be honest. I am not a fan of futuristic science fiction. Nor do I usually read teen novels. Well, Ryan Schneider has changed my mind about both. This book is entertaining and written like a movie. I would have liked less descriptive paragraphs. However, just the same, it was a very good novel. I recommend this novel for teens who love science fiction. 

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