Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Economy of You by Kimberly Palmer, O’Reilly Media

“I realized something had to change…” starts this book of discovering ways to start and maintain a side-gig. Ms. Palmer discusses how she started her side-gig, “To make this happen, I needed two things: more power and more money.” She interviews several side-giggers, “Almost all…..said their idea started as a small hint in their minds…” If you have an idea that seems to nag at you, put it on paper and work it through.

Ms. Palmer states, “This book will help you get your side-gig ready to launch—“
True to her word, Ms. Palmer gives excellent examples from herself and other side-giggers who launched their businesses. They give their start-up story, any obstacles they overcame, and the results of their efforts.

The meat of the book is in the following: Epilogue: The Future of Side-Gigs, “When I checked back in with side-giggers months after first interviewing them, as I was completing this book….” Handbook: Exercises and Worksheets include finding your gig and creating a game plan along with other pertinent information. Appendix A: The Top Fifty Side-Gigs and Appendix B: Star Side-Giggers gives a list of side-giggers interviewed in the books along with their respective links. Appendix C: Five Common Pitfalls to Avoid refers to areas you should consider fully before starting your side-gig. After the Index, there is a free sample chapter from ‘The Accidental Entrepreneur’ by Susan Urquhart-Brown.

Kimberly Palmer has written a book that is beneficial not only to side-giggers, but to anyone considering starting a business. Your idea may start as a side-gig and eventually turn into a full blown industry business. I recommend this book full of generous information for all, side-gigger or not.

I received this book free from O’Reilly Media for this review

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