Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time Management by Brian Tracy, O'Reilly Media

“Your ability to manage your time…will determine your success or failure.” This is how Brian Tracy begins his book on time management. He also gives “the Four D’s of Effectiveness”: desire, decisiveness, determination, and discipline. Each is discussed in further detail in the book. I agree when Mr. Tracy states, “time management is a business skill…a skill that you can learn, practice, and master.”

In Chapter 1, The Psychology of Time Management, Mr. Tracy says, “How you think and feel about yourself largely determines the quality of your life.” This will determine how far you will succeed in your endeavors.

He gives advice on tasks and activities in the section ‘The Important vs. the Urgent’. Further, in Chapter 11, there is a discussion on delegating tasks to other. In addition, we all know at one time or another, we have procrastinated. He deals with that monster in Chapter 13, ‘Overcome Procrastination’.

Now that you have overcome procrastination, he further guides on the importance of an organized workspace. Clean desk, clean and organized mind. It is hard to find what you need when your desk is full of clutter. He concludes with a final point: “time management is the concept of balance.’ You must learn to balance work and outside relationships, “A wise old doctor once observed, “I never spoke to a businessman on his deathbed who said that he wished he had spent more time in the office.”

Also included, is a free sample excerpt from ‘Success Under Stress’ by Sharon Melnick, and a short quiz to determine your survival under stress.

Brian Tracy’s books teaches how to organize, delegate, and developing a reading system. It is a self-enhancement learning guide. I recommend this book for business professionals, small business and corporations. I received this book free from O'Reilly Media for this review.

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